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Teaching the language of climate change science

Free sample chapter from the award winning publication for Years 7 & 8

I'm delighted to show you a fantastic publication for Science teachers in Years 7 & 8 that focuses on the language of climate change science. It won in the Educational Publishing Australia Awards for 2021. Here's the cover.

The book is publishing by PETAA, the Primary English Teaching Association Australia, but don't let that put you off.

This book is highly relevant for secondary school teachers. It focuses directly on Years 7 & 8. Plus, many of the teaching ideas can be used from Years 7-10. It links directly to the Australian Curriculum for Science.

Bronwyn Parkin is a lovely colleague of mine in the Systemic Functional Linguistics Association. She works extensively with schools and teachers in all kinds of diverse settings. She understands what teachers need to help them support student literacy, and this book shows it. I think it's terrific.

Here's a sample chapter. Click here to download it.

Teaching the language of climate change science sample chapter
Download PDF • 820KB

It's not expensive to buy from PETAA. Click here for the link.

I love PETAA's resources and they inform my work in secondary schools, so you might like to check out their website.


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