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Two things you can do in Term 4 for literacy success next year

Do these two things now to set up for success

Term 4 is a crazy time. Reports, marking, farewells.

While you're finishing off the year, it is also an important time for planning for next year.

Here are two things you can do NOW to prepare for whole school literacy success in 2022.

1. Plan collaborative staff professional development

What do I mean? Rather than planning PD where staff are receiving input from experts, plan sessions where they talk to each other.

Collegial faculty discussions are incredibly important for building cultures where whole school literacy thrives. A culture of staff collaboration is one of the essential pillars for literacy. To read more on this, click here.

And what can staff collaborate about? See Point 2.

2. Work on a faculty assessment map

In Term 4, teachers will be planning the assessment program for next year. That's a perfect opportunity for teachers to focus on the literacy demands of their own assessment program. It's a great opportunity to build collegial discussion in faculties and also for heads of faculty to build their leadership capacity. For more on this simple yet important activity, click here.

These two points might seem obvious, but schools rarely do these things. They are pillars for success in whole school literacy in secondary schools.

Contact me if you have any comments or other suggestions for great activities for staff to do in Term 4 that helps build whole school literacy.

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